Sheriff's Meadow - Quansoo Farm House Restoration

Sheriff's Meadow

Video Production

As a part of a larger marketing and public awareness campaign, Martha's Vineyard Productions teamed up with Sheriff's Meadow to document the restoration process of the old farm house on Quansoo Farm. Sheriff's Meadow has commissed the restoration of this historic building using only traditional building methods from the 17th and 18th century.

    Archaeology - August / 2014

The second step of the process was to assess the building, foundation and surrounding area for clues about the date of construction and location. Archaeologist were able to determine that the house was constructed at a different location and moved to the present site. Additions to the house were then added on in subsequent years.

Horse Logging - February / 2014

In order to begin the farm house resoration project, wood needed to be harvested from local properties, which will later be sawn and cut to shape. This video is a quick overview of the traditional method of harvesting lumber from the woods, called horse logging. It was traditionally done during the winter months to allow the heavy logs ease when moving across the rough terrain.

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